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Scientific Programme

Final Programme and Abstract Booklet
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Sessions and presentations by speakers
Below are listed the sessions and presentations of speakers of free to be published presentations only.
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The full list of main speakers and corresponding CVs can be found further below.

Early life programming: health outcome and later disease

Impact of infant feeding on growth and obesity risk
Presentations of main speakers: A. Beyerlein, P. Socha, V Grote
Abstract presentations: R Martin, L. van Rossem

Weight gain and body composition
Presentations of main speakers: M.F. Rolland-Cachera
Abstract presentations: A.D. Andersen

Modulation of muscle and fat mass and metabolic response
Presentations of main speakers: J. Kopecky

Perinatal life and diabetes risk
Presentations of main speakers: M. Knip, A. Ziegler, B. Reusens

Vascular development and health
Presentations of main speakers: A. Hokken-Koelega, C. Remacle
Abstract presentations: D. Rytter

Programming of bone health
Presentations of main speakers: M. Fewtrell, C. Mølgaard, J. Tobias
Abstract presentations: C. McGowan

Tracking of risk factors from early life to adulthood
Presentations of main speakers: U. Mansmann, K. Tilling
Abstract presentations: T. Halldorsson, P. Emmett

Food intolerance
Presentations of main speakers: S. Koletzko, S. Sausenthaler
Abstract presentations: C. Damsgaard

Understanding the early origins of disease - opportunities through new methods and integration
Presentations of main speakers: A. Ness, G. Schoeters

Maternal nutrition: impact on pregnancy outcomes
Presentations of main speakers: H.M. Meltzer, L. Poston
Abstract presentations: R. Stiff

Dietary practice in mothers and infants
Presentations of main speakers: M. Mendez, S. Scaglioni, S. Schiess

Physical activity in relation to pregnancy outcomes
Presentations of main speakers: A.L. Brantsaeter
Abstract presentations: F. Gao

Gut microbiota and programming
Abstract presentations: K. Mace

Early fish exposure and later health outcomes
Integrated with Aquamax
No presentations available

Mechanisms of early life programming

Developmental epigenetics
Presentations of main speakers: C. Junien, S. Sebert
Abstract presentations: A. Groom, T. Pentinat

Fetal placental nutrition
Presentations of main speakers: G. Desoye, E. Larqué
Abstract presentations: J. Martino, C. Lang

Programming of neurodevelopment
Integrated with Nutrimenthe
Presentations of main speakers: M. Hadders-Algra, H. Szajewska
Abstract presentations: C. Granström

Environmental toxicants
Integrated with OBELIX
Abstract presentations: C. Mori, A. Torchinsky

Gender Effects in programming
Presentations of main speakers: R. Closa, T. Decsi

Public health and economic impact of early life programming

Developmental origins of long-term health - public health implications
Presentation of speaker: M. Hanson

Global impact of programming
Presentation of speaker: R. Uauy

Translating science into policy and practice
Presentations of main speakers: M. Korthals, C. Vereijken, H. Gage
Abstract presentations: M. Raats, H. Torjusen

Early Nutrition Academy Forum: Career building for new investigators

Further Fora/Workshops/Symposia:

Workshop "How to write a successful research proposal"
Industry Forum "The ways for innovation: how to foster collaboration between industry and academia"
Danone Baby Nutrition/Danone Research Satellite Symposium

Main Speakers and CVs