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Dr. Ricardo Closa 
University Rovira i Virgili 
Faculty of Medicine 
Dept. of Medicine & Surgery Pediatrics Unit 
Sant Lloren 21 
43201 Reus, Spain 
Tel: +34 977 759364 
Fax: +34 977 759322 


The Spanish team has to recruit a full group of infants (300 to be fed with infant formula and another 75 control breastfed infants). Also, after a reorganization of the workpackages, they will be one of the centers working on a subset of babies for energy measurement in close collaboration with the UK partner in Cambridge (WP5). 
The group consists of one team working in Tarragona and another working in Reus, two-different cities 10km apart. The Neonatal Units of these two centres are led by two senior pediatricians, Ricardo Closa (Hospital Universitario Joan XXIII de Tarragona) and Joaquin Escribano (Hospital Universitario Sant Joan de Reus), both working full time in a hospital setting. Both Hospitals are affiliated to the Universitat Rovira i Virgili and both maternity wards see about 1500 deliveries/year each. 
Two full time dieticians (Veronica Luque and Georgina Méndez) are in charge of recruitment, following patients and families, and all the related tasks. A Biologist and a Chemistry student help the team during the weekend with recruitment. Another technician, Silvia Olivé, will be added to the group for the extra work on WP5, and she will work full time under the supervision of the main coordinators. 
The EU Childhood Obesity Programme project is a project for both Hospitals, so the EU Childhood Obesity Programme team has the support of all the pediatric staff.