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Dr. Andy Coward 
Medical Research Council 
Human Nutrition Research 
Elsie Widdowson Laboratory, 
Fulbourn Road 
CB1 9NL Cambridge, UK E-mail: 
Tel: +44 1223 426356 
Fax: +44 1223 437515

The Cambridge Team

The Cambridge team are responsible for Work Package 5 on Energy Expenditure and Body Composition. Using the doubly labelled water technique, they are measuring the energy expenditure and body composition of around 90 –120 children at 6 months of age from Spain and Germany.

The team is lead by Dr Andy Coward who is the Head of Stable Isotope Section at MRC-HNR (formerly Dunn Nutrition Laboratories) and who has been working on the development and use of stable isotopic techniques in nutrition research since 1979. Since 1968, his work has included a substantial component in developing countries initially at the Child Nutrition Research Unit, Kampala Uganda.The main current interests of the group are the application of isotope techniques for the measurement of body composition, lactation and energy metabolism and the development of novel methods for nutrient bioavailability and insulin sensitivity. Fuller details of the context can be found at .

Antony Wright is the Section’s Senior analyst and has coordinated much of HNR’s collaborative research using 2H and 18O isotopes in energy expenditure, lactation and body composition studies of which the EU Childhood obesity project is one.