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Economic/public health impact studies (Theme 5)
Theme Leader - Prof. Rüdiger von Kries

Theme 5 looked at the economic costs associated with early nutrition programming and the potential savings from effective interventions. It performed a comprehensive health economic analysis of pre- and postnatal nutritional interventions with long-term programming effects on adult health, well-being and performance. It took account of all social costs and benefits over the whole human lifecycle in different European member states. This involved the:

  • Identification of European member states with available data regarding baseline exposures, morbidity, health care costs etc.
  • Modelling of cost effectiveness for different interventions in different countries of, for example, the increase of one unit on the IQ scale, or the reduction of overweight or the reduction of relative risk (RR) of a disease or disease risk factor.
  • Definition of the monetary net gain from the reduction in one RR unit, one percent of overweight etc. for different interventions in different member states.
  • Integration of the new found results and information about medical effects of pre- and postnatal nutritional interventions from the consortium into previous health economic models.


European data on stroke and CHD morbidity, CVD mortality and hypertension prevalence has been collected together and can be downloaded.

Hypertension Related Morbidity
Summary of Data.doc