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Prospective Epidemiology (Theme 2)
Theme Leader - Prof Sjurdur Olsen

Theme 2 addressed a series of objectives using epidemiological cohorts which had already been established or were newly set up. The main objectives are listed below:

  • To identify cohort databases in Europe which contain information on early dietary and other exposures, and those where such information is lacking.
  • To evaluate the similarities and differences between these cohorts and organise an international meeting with the participation of all key persons in EU birth cohorts.
  • To assess the scientific potential of undertaking combined analyses of the Danish National Birth Cohort (DNBC) and Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort (NMCC) databases.
  • To collect post-pubertal data on body composition and blood pressure in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC).
  • To study the relation between prenatal (maternal) and postnatal (infant) dietary factors and how they predict early disease markers and risk factors for chronic diseases, including chryptorchism, early growth patterns, psychomotor developmental milestones, atopic diseases and cognitive development.
  • To disentangle the effects of prenatal and postnatal dietary factors on early disease markers.
  • To collect biological samples and detailed data on foetal growth in the NMCC to enable triad analyses of the genetic basis of low birth weight.