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Training (Theme 8)
Theme Leader - Prof. Berthold Koletzko

Committed to bringing together the complementary and unique expertise within the community of this project we created a virtual "Institute of Early Nutrition Programming". We ensured that those with direct responsibility for conducting training procedures follow common guide lines. One of our focuses for individual training programmes were graduate students and contract research staff. As a result there will be a new generation of researchers with a unique blend of complementary skills drawn from each discipline encompassed within all of the themes.

Each research partner identified the areas of research where it established competencies, and was therefore expected to be attractive to many others in the Early Nutrition Programming Project community. Links in potential training activities were also explored with the Network of Excellence in Nutrigenomics (NUGO) where there was a large overlap with membership of this project.

Typical examples of the types of training we provided are detailed below.

Training Vehicles Training Content
Master Classes Study design, good clinical practice standards, execution of single- and multi-centre trials, monitoring.
Summer Schools Methodology in clinical, epidemiological and experimental trials, functional genomics, biometry and statistics.
Research training fellowships Outcome measures
Marie Curie fellowships Biomarkers
Good clinical practice dissemination
Ethical, Safety, Regulatory and Data Protection