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Communication and Outreach (Theme 7)
Theme Leader - Dr. Margaret Ashwell

Theme 7 raised awareness of the Early Nutrition Programming Project, disseminated findings from the project and promoted the exploitation of new strategies and technologies arising from the project. These aims will be carried out through work packages focussing on dissemination, exploitation and media relations.

Much of our dissemination activity was web-based with the creation of an interesting and informative website as a primary objective. This provided a platform for communicating up-to-date news about the project while a sign-up facility allowed us to target and engage with interested groups and send out regular e-mail alerts. Abstracts and posters produced by members of the consortium were also available on the website.

Nevertheless, paper-based materials were also produced and these included a glossy brochure introducing and outlining the aims of the project and regular newsletters. Two international conferences were held during the lifetime of the project and the proceedings of these were published.

A panel of experts drawn from areas with relevant expertise advised on how the results from the project can best be exploited and their uses maximised (see Theme 9). They explored the potential for the production of targeted ranges of food products and services for infants and pregnant women and helped identify health care practices which will benefit from the application of the project's findings.

Media Relations
This involved both promoting the overall topic of Early Nutrition Programming as well as the specific work of the project to the relevant media and specialist press, together with dealing with enquiries from the media about the project. The media centre publicised the project through press releases, one-to-one briefings at conferences and via web-casts and provided material for the press offices of the partner institutions. It also provided an ongoing resource and training centre for advising members of the consortium on dealing with the media.